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Week 2: Adobe Fireworks & HTML

I have learned how to use Adobe Fireworks during the first two weeks of our Web Design class. Fireworks seems to be a combination if Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Since I have used those programs already, It was relatively easy for me to get used too. For our first project, I learned how to create a Facebook page banner. I learned that banners are about the simplicity, keep it visual with minimal text. A helpful link that I thought was the most useful is, the 8 Best Practices for Effective Facebook Cover Photos. Here is the link, Facebook Cover Photos!

Here are the banners I created for my first project in my Web Design class.


I also learned about color theory. I found a helpful resource, Color Matters. The website explains the colors further, and also has links for Color & Branding. In our textbook, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, Jason Beaird provides several sites for creating color schemes. The site, Color Scheme Designer 3 is a good resource to create interesting color combinations to create beautiful websites. Here is the link to Color Scheme Designer 3.

Finally, what I have been waiting for, HTML!! After watching some Lynda tutorials on HTML, I learned that in the Chrome browser, you can right click and then click on Inspect to inspect the code. The First step in HTML, is creating the doctype, which can vary depending on your version of HTML. I learned how to create headings, paragraphs and even emphasizing text. The tutorials shared a helpful link for learning HTML Elements, the site is helpful if you do not understand basic code. If you have never written code, I suggest Brackets because it is an open-source application and is available across Mac and PC users!

This is what I have learned the past two weeks; Adobe Fireworks, Color Theory, and HTML!


2 thoughts on “Week 2: Adobe Fireworks & HTML

  1. Learning about the Adobe Fireworks system has been very familiar to me. Knowing how to use Adobe Illustrator has been a big help when using Fireworks. Great job on your banners!

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