Web Design

Week 3: HTML & Banner Project

During my week 3 of my Web Design class, I learned about textures for websites, html and how to code!

I learned that a design could be taken a step further by adding texture. To create texture; add gradients, rounded corners or even subtle noise textures. When creating a minimalist design such as Brain Hartwell’s site, less textures or no textures will create a simple design.

One of the fundamentals of web design, optimization is important to create the smallest website file. JPEG and GIF files can create the smallest files. JPEG uses a “lossy” file compression which will create small file sizes. GIF uses a “loseless” compression which allows for transparency. GIF is best for vector or hard-edged images. The Google developers have created a helpful page for Image optimization.

I learned about html tags, such as doctype, IMG, etc. The doctype defines the document type and the IMG SCR tag creates a source to where the image is located.

This week, I have also coded my first page! The page shows the Facebook banners I have created the past two weeks. Click here to view my first html page.

Here is the updated Facebook Cover Banner and the Facebook Timeline photo I have created. I have learned that banners are supposed to be straight to the point and you should know the message you are creating.



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