Design Communication

Creating an Impacting Design

For my Communication Design class at Stevenson University, one of our first projects was to create an ‘Impact’ design. We decided to make this project open-ended and we formed groups right away! My group and I chose to create an Impact design through Optometry.

Our group project for the Alphabet Soup impact design project is to create eye care for all. Our audience is all people and generally, people (including children) who cannot see well. We want to create ways where people can diagnose their selves. We are promoting healthy eye care, self-awareness for poor eyesight, and how to correct your eyesight for all ages.

Here are some of the mind maps and sketches we created!

After creating our mind maps, we realized that our goal was to get people to check their eyesight. We want to do this by creating deliverables. The deliverables that we are creating are; posters, large format prints, vinyl window stickers, and wooden blocks.

I will be creating the wooden blocks. The wooden blocks would act as a toy for children but in reality, they are testing their eye-sight. The blocks would have the same letter on each side but smaller on each side of the block. The blocks would ultimately get the child and the parent to test if the children need eyeglasses.


My first prototype of a wooden block!


The goal of these deliverables is to encourage people – of all ages to get their eyes checked and to promote healthy eye care.


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