Watercolor Workshop & More

Last week, we had our Artist-In-Residence at Stevenson University. Sue Johnson was our visiting Artist.

There were all kinds of workshops and events to see her work. I was only able to go to the Thursday and Friday events. Thursday night, there was a discussion about her work that was in our school.

Her work was made with these ‘rebus’ which were little riddles you had to solve in you head to figure out the meaning of the work.  Here are some of the photos of Johnson’s work that I took. See if you can figure out the riddle of the second image.

The cake and burger mean lake and river. Is this what our water is made out of? What do we put in our land’s water?  The taco and the meat represent ‘tap water’. Yet again, what is our tap water made out of? The tea and the rabbit represent tears and water. Sue’s work brings in all these questions about our environment into these patterns. It is truely wonderful.

I also got the chance to speak with Sue Johnson, I told her about my impact design project on Optometry and she was fascinated! At that moment, I realized that it’s truly wonderful to hear that from an artist.

The next morning, I went to Johnson’s workshop. I learned how she did her work and everything you need to know about mixing colors.

This is what I created at the workshop! Below are some patterns that I made from a scan of the image I created. Creating watercolor patterns is a new love for me! 🙂

Sue Johnson also gave us a little take away! It is really cool to have a piece of her work.







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