Web Design

Week 7

Now that I am back from spring break, I have finished up some projects for my web design class.

I have been working on my Gluttony web page and the header for the page. I created the header using photoshop. I created this using different images such as cell phones, candy, and game controllers; to show how greedy we can be. We become gluttonous when we consume not just junk food but also new technology. Once a new iPhone or game system comes out, we immediately consume those new products and throw out the ‘6-month-old’ technology. I am ultimately showing that we are gluttonous with more than just junk food, we need self-control.

Here is my final header for my page.


Through  these past couple weeks, I have also learned how to create HTML and CSS files. Click here to view my Gluttony Webpage!

I have also been working on my final project for my class. I am creating an AIGA club website for my school. Click here to view my AIGA inspiration page.




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