Web Design

Week 8 and 9

Through the last two week in web design, I have learned about mockups for websites, and navigation for websites. I learned about the different navigational strategies such as drop down, column, text, and breadcrumb navigation. I found a page that would be helpful to get ideas about different types of navigation, click here to view the page.

I have also decided on my final project, I will be making a commuter website for the commuters at my university.

I have created a style guide for the commuter website below! I have chosen to use dark blues, dark greens and contrasting colors such as yellow, lime green and light blue colors. I have chosen the brighter colors to relate to traffic lights.


I have also created a mockup – it is a representation of what the website will possibly look like. I create the mockup based on my style guide and my storyboards. Here are some of my storyboard sketches.

Here is the mock-up that I have created for the commuter website.


Stay tuned to see the rest of this project!!


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