Design Communication

Art Deco Exhibition

Hello, everyone!

So for the past couple weeks, I have been working on my Art Deco exhibition project for my design communication class. I had to create mock-ups/plans of what the exhibition would look like & what pieces were being placed in the exhibition. I also created deliverables to go with the exhibition; title cards, street signage, and postcards.

The big idea for my art deco exhibition is to show the influence of art deco in fashion. Art Deco introduced this sexy, glamorous, and ‘paris’ style into painting and fashion design. The audience in which this exhibition is reaching for is young people, in their 20’s
because they desire new styles and new ways of life similar to the art deco period.

The artwork and designs were very elegant, the era combined the design forms of the past to create the designs of the future. The art deco era characterized the use of angular, symmetrical, bold, and geometric shapes. It was very important for many artists to create
a new style, this is why I have chosen to show how art deco has changed the arts and fashion.

Art deco has brought so much to fashion, the bold lines, geometric patterns, and elegant designs. Elegance and luxury were so popular because it was the new way of life. Through this exhibition, you will see the luxurious styles through art deco paintings,
patterns, costume designs and more!

Here are some of my original sketches below.

I also did a lot of research – over 30 sources! Here is a link to my Pinterest Art Deco Board.

Below, you can view mock-ups of what my book looks like!

Front of Book

Front Cover

Back and Front

Back and Front Cover


First Spread: The Big Idea


The Plan & Artworks in the Exhibition


Gallery plans & Title Cards

Street Signage

Street Signage


Postcard Deliverables 


Research & The End

I hope everyone has liked my designs for my art deco exhibition project. I learned so much with this project; using the skew tools in photoshop, creating exhibition examples, and using drop shadows effectively to make objects look realistic. I have also learned about art deco – I love the desire for new life in this style!


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