Dionisa's Design's

Client Relationships

At my internship with Dionisa’s Design’s, the types of clients they usually work with are brides, wedding planners, and small businesses that need logos and branding.

Client Meetings

At my first client meeting, we asked the bride and planner questions about the wedding, types of invitations they liked, where the wedding was taking place, colors of the wedding and more. I participated in 2 client meetings so far, and I learned that everyone has different tastes and interests. So with that in mind, I used a checklist to find out with the client liked and disliked. Including things such as; script fonts, pearl or diamond accents, types of paper, colors, wedding styles and more. I used that list so that I could create a design for the client.

I also learned that showing the client the different colors of paper, pockets for invitations and different invitations was very helpful to understand the clients’ interests. Below are some of the things we showed clients.

I learned that client relationships can be very challenging, and to keep it not so challenging, I had to take a lot of notes on the clients’ requests for their invitations. There are many details that go into creating the perfect invitations.

Client Drafts

Here is one of the drafts I created for a client. After the first draft that was given to the client, I realized that sometimes the client and the designer do not always see eye to eye; sometimes that can end in little changes and many changes to the design. So the biggest tip that I have is to take lots and lots of notes to understand the client the best!


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