Dionisa's Design's

Time Management

How do I manage my job and my internship? In the summer, I work in the Student Activities office as a graphics assistant. I usually spend 20-25 hours a week in the office working on a flyer, posters, logos and other designs. In the first couple weeks of my internship, I found it difficult to find time on my intern projects. I decided that I would work from 9 am to 1 pm or 2 pm each day of the week. When I got off, I would go home  to work on my internship projects. Depending on how long I worked in the office I would work 3-6 hours a night for my internship.

To manage my time better for each of my jobs, I kept a notebook for my office work and my internship work. It helped with getting projects done in a timely manner. I also invested in a planner to make sure I did not miss a client meeting or a meeting with my boss in the Student Activities office.

Since it is the summer, I also had to work out hanging out with friends and vacation with my family. Since I complete my internship work from home, I could complete my internship work at any free time I had. I made sure to adjust my schedule for the week if I had vacation during the week; I would work more on the weekend if I needed too. On of the other challenges was working from home. To make sure I was on top of my work, I basically worked alone in my room so that I was not distracted from my work.

Overall, I have felt very productive because of my time management. If I wanted to have fun with my friends, I would have to work more hours each night so that work was still getting done.



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