Dionisa's Design's

Internship: Exploring Different Invitation Styles

During the first few weeks of my internship at Dionisa’s Design’s, I spent time exploring different invitation styles. Dionisa’s Design’s is creating an online invitation shop to showcase invitations that are already designed, and then they only replace the date, name, etc.

I found art deco, watercolor, modern, vintage, and traditional invitations to be popular. I used this styles in my designs to keep up with design trends. I also learned that Behance and Pinterest are a great way to find graphic inspiration.

When I was creating all the wedding invitations, it helped to create the certain styles all at one time. I created around 4-10 invitations for each style. After reviewing the invitations with my boss, we chose 1-4 designs for each style. I learned that when you create several variations at a time, the more likely you will have better designs.

Below you will see some of the digital files of the invitations that I created!

Art Deco Examples

In my art deco invitations, it was very challenging to find typography that matched the style. Some new skills I learned was to experiment with the different paragraph styles. I was exploring centering, and aligning left and right. I think the work is a success because I created several variations and then narrowed the number of designs down to select the best designs.

Watercolor Examples

In my watercolor invitations, it was very challenging to use the watercolor that I created to work with my typography of the invitation. From that challenge, the skills I learned was to use outer glows, shadows and other effects to make the names stand out and to create a better design. I definitely think my work is a success because I learned how to use watercolor in my designs.

Traditional & Vintage Examples

In my traditional invitations, it was challenging to create graphics. One thing that helped me was using script fonts and creating patterns from different letters. In the invitations all the way to the left, I used that new skills to create the elegant pattern to the right.





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