Dionisa's Design's

Commuting & Internship Environment

As an intern, I am required to do a lot of commuting. Most of the time I am commuting back and forth from school to home or sometimes I attend client meetings or other events for my internship.

One of the events I attended was Legacy Glam, an event to promote a wedding venue.  

One of the tasks I had for this event was to create the stationery for the event. I created the menus. When I was creating the menus for this event, I had to pay attention to the environment in the particular room and I had to match the menu with the decorations of the room.

One of the challenges I had during this project was working with the typography to create an elegant menu design. I was learning how to use the split column feature in InDesign, and experimenting with different type of alignments of text, to create the very best design. With this menu design, I created several variations of the design so that I could narrow my design.

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The final design!

Working with this venue really challenged me because I was limited on the type of graphics, the fonts I could use and the colors I could use. So the one thing I learned was that design is all about experimentation and exploration. I feel like I explored a lot with this design because I challenged myself to create modern and traditional designs.



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