Dionisa's Design's

Marketing Materials & Branding

For one of my internship projects with Dionisa’s Design’s, I was given the task to create several branding materials for the company. I created designs for thank you cards, circle package stickers, postcard for a stationery timeline, stationery list, post office label and finally social media posts. I have learned so much through creating these branding materials. The branding for Dionisa’s Design’s is elegant, it includes pops of rose gold and triangle color blocking. I have learned how to use the branding in a variety of ways – from very simple to complex designs.

Thank You Card

This is an example of one of the thank you cards I made. The final design will be foiled.


Circle Package Label

I also created circle labels for the company. There are Hello, Thank you, paper samples, sample package, and just simple branding labels. Through creating these labels, I learned how to create simple designs and I learned how to use color blocking to compliment the designs.

Wedding Stationery Timeline – Postcard

One of the other branding materials is a postcard for Dionisa’s clients. This would be given to the client so they understand the process of stationery. Through creating this timeline, I learned how to work with a lot of text and still make a beautiful design. I used the company logo, the heart, to signify when the couple would get married.

Wedding Stationery Timeline_edit

Wedding Stationery List

Another branding material given to the client is a stationery list. This list shows them all the different stationery the client can get for their wedding. In this design, I had to again work with a lot of text so the design had to be very simple, I used color blocking and a thin border. These are two variations I created.

Social Media Posts

This was one of my favorite things to create for the company. I created a total of 15 different social media posts. The posts work as templates so the images and typography could be changed for any day or event. For creating these social media posts, I learned how to use simple designs such as borders and color blocking to create elegant designs.

Overall, I had a great experience creating all the different branding materials for Dionisa’s Design’s. I loved exploring all the different designs I could create with the company branding. My favorite would have to be the social media posts!


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