Dionisa's Design's

Informational Meeting with Dionisa

I decided to sit down with my boss, Dionisa and ask her a few questions getting to know how she started her stationery business. I was interested in asking her questions about how she got started because I have always thought about owning my own design business.

How did you get started  in your business?

Dionisa got started in her business when she began to design party invitations for her family and friends. Her family and friends could see that she had a talent for invitations so they suggested her to make her own business.

What do you do in a typical day/week?

Outside of her stationery business, Dionisa works a full-time job. When Dionisa comes home from work after taking care of her children, she spends 3-4 hours a night working on designs for her company. During this time she designs for clients, does research, stays up to date on the current trends, and it also includes client meetings.

How did you learn the skills for your job?

Dionisa was pretty much self-taught and she was embarrassed to say that she started creating her designs in Microsoft word. She eventually got certified for the Adobe programs at Harford Community College.

What materials should I be reading or be aware of to succeed in the wedding stationery industry?

Dionisa mentioned that I should read some books on how to start a business and how to price. She also said to get familiar with vendors and conferences. Dionisa suggested being involved with AIGA. And for the wedding industry, constantly research and read the Wedding Wire.

Are there any networking events or professional groups you suggest I become a member of?

She suggested NACE; the national association for catering and events. Dionisa also said to become involved with the Association of Bridal Consultants.

I learned a lot from interviewing Dionisa about how she started her business. Most of all, I learned that it is most important to network and get to know people. She said it is all about building relationships with vendors and getting referrals.



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