Dionisa's Design's

Exit Interview

After I completed my internship with Dionisa’s Design’s, I decided to sit down with my supervisor, Dionisa to talk to her about my performance and experience.


  • I have an eye for design, typography is always outstanding
  • Great with clients (Client/Customer experience)
  • Took on new projects often with a positive attitude
  • Efficient use of time to get work completed on time
  • Very experimental with different designs
  • Ability to design different aspects of design such as art deco invitations, traditional invitations and other different types of invitations
  • Creative use of graphics throughout invitation suites


  • I need to push myself more. I have it in me to be even more creative, so I am working on pushing myself and my creativity more in my designs.

What did I gain from the internship?

  • I learned how to create wedding invitations and different stationery for Dionisa’s company.
  • I also gained experience with working with clients and how to design for them.

How did I contribute to the company?

  • I added my design skills to the online invitation suite collection.
  • I also contributed in a great way to a styled photo shoot at the Ivy Hotel that will be published in an online wedding blog.

Overall, Dionisa very appreciated my help for her online collection. She thinks I’m a great designer and that I am great with typography!


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