Dionisa's Design's

Post-Internship Reflection

It has been almost a month since I finished my internship with Dionisa, I still find myself regularly thinking about it, and missing it!

Working with Dionisa has helped me realize that my true dream is to design for letterpress. When creating the invitations for her company, I always found myself creating designs that would be great for letterpress. Since I have had a background in typography, I definitely had the skills required for my internship. I feel like the new skills I acquired was working with clients and designing for clients.

One of the best parts of the internship was designing branding pieces for Dionisa’s company. I helped initiate projects such as stickers for packaging, social media posts, and more.

One of the most beneficial experiences for me was participating in a styled wedding invitation photo shoot. I got to help design menus and actually see my menu designs in real life! Here is a link to my Instagram post with the menu.

I also feel like that my supervisor, Dionisa, supported me very much. Every weekend during the summer, we met for a few hours to discuss the work we were working on throughout the week. It was really good to spend time with Dionisa to get feedback on my designs in person. Even after the internship she continues to be interested in my future and my designs. If the opportunity came, I definitely would consider working for Dionisa. I had a great time working and creating designs with Dionisa.

I feel like this internship affected my career goals in so many ways. It helped me discover my passion for typography and my passion for stationery design. It pushed me one step closer to my career goals of working as a letterpress designer!




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