Design Communication

Sustainability Social Media Posts

Last week, I created two social media posts for the Sustainability campaign at Stevenson University. I participated in creating the posts, Become a Citizen Naturalist, and Take the Papercut Challenge. For the naturalist post, it is meant to show students to go and explore the nature and find new creatures. For this post, I decided to make a vector of a daisy flower and a ladybug. For the background, I used the dots from the ladybug to make a pattern. For the papercut challenge, it is meant to show students to limit their use of printing and the use of paper. I created a vector of a stack of papers, notebooks, and sticky notes to represent the work, books, and etc. that we collect throughout a semester. The background pattern is made of sticky notes. For colors, I had to stick to the same general colors that match the Hoofprint branding. On the left, are the colors I was limited to use! The social media posts helped me to create a simple design with simple typography.


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