Web Design II

Online Identities & Design Portfolio Websites

Personal Logos

While creating my own personal logo and personal design website, I have decided to do some research on personal branding and portfolio websites. Below are some strong self-promotional logos, themes, and branding of designers.

João Lessa Branding

The first logo is created by João Lessa. The logo is very unique because the letters of the name are made out of shapes. It is very interesting how this designer combined Constructivism and Bauhaus into their own personal branding. It’s great how they have versions with just the initials and versions with the whole name! I also like how the different shapes of the branding can be used throughout all collateral. Overall, I think the design is very strong because of the uniqueness, the colors and the layouts of the logos. Click here for the original posting for this personal branding. Also, here is a link to his website showcasing his branding.

Lenka Kubisova Branding

The next logo & branding that I looked at was created by Lenka Kubisova. Her logo design is based on her last name, Kubisova (Cube-isova). I think this logo is very strong because it looks like it can scale down well and I believe it is very memorable. I think it is very interesting how she created a heart out of a cube/grid design. It also matches her typography, which is very much like swiss design.

Portfolio Websites

Portfolio/Work Pages:

  • Melanie David’s portfolio website is very well designed all around because of the motion graphics/animation of her logo. She also takes use of Bootstrap to create her site. I find her portfolio/work page very interesting. She has her navigation on the left side of the screen and the work is on the right. On her ‘work’ pages, she shows her complete process including sketches of wireframes and concept ideas. The overall design is effective and professional because of the simple and animated design.
  • BJÖRN MEIER’s work pages are very interesting. The website has the type of scrolling website. There is a list of works and you click on one and it jumps to that work. I think the design is effective because the work itself is 75% of the page and the description is 25% of the page – I think this is a very clean design.

About me Sections:

  • Jessica Hische’s ‘About Me‘ section is very well done. The typography in the page is very effective, one of the first things you see is the drop cap of the H. Hische also included interviews and clients that she has had as a column on the right of the page which makes the about page looks professional and well-designed.
  • Build Film’s About page is very professional. The photos on the page help complement the black and light gray design. I also like how they included the founders and about the people that work there. The overall design is effective because the about page is very simple and shows you all about the company in just a few paragraphs. The page also does a nice job of breaking the paragraphs up by having photos between each section in the about section.

Resume Pages:

  • Manato Kuroda, a web developer, and designer created this resume page, Skills page. The resume page is effective and well designed because of the animation showing her skill sets with the percentages. I think this is a good way to add a more interesting resume page instead of just having an image of a resume.
  • Jesse Willmon, an illustrator & designer created her resume page, Jesse Resume. I think the resume page is effective because it lists her experiences, education, and awards. Her site also offers her to download her resume for more details.

Contact Pages:

  • I enjoy the layout of Gravual’s design website. Their contact page has two columns; it includes their location, information, social media, featured on sites, and testimonials. I think the overall design is very effective because the contact page is simple, clean and to the point; it’s easier for people to find their email and phone number.
  • I think this website, http://smartgc.com.ar/english.php, is an effective design. When you click on the contact page, it has a map in the background and shows you where they are located. It also includes ways to send them a message/email. Overall, what make this design effective is that its very clean, simple and gives you all the information you need in just a couple of lines.

This is my research on personal branding and portfolio websites!


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