Design Communication

Project 3 – Save the Bees

For the project 3 in my design communication 3 class, we had the opportunity for a powerful project. The question was – What shapes us? 

Well, my response was anything to do with the environment, endangered animals, etc. With this idea in mind, I decided to focus on the Bees. Honeybees. You heard that.

You might ask why did I pick this? Well, for one, honeybees are declining. Honeybees are one of the world’s top pollinators for our food. Bees make more than honey; they are key to food production because they pollinate crops. A third of the food that we eat depends on pollinating insects: vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices, edible oils and much more Since the late 1990s, beekeepers around the world have observed the mysterious and sudden disappearance of bees, and report unusually high rates of decline in honeybee colonies.

I came up with the idea of creating a Save the Bees infographic to inform people about the decline in honeybees and how they can help solve the problem.


After finding some facts about the environment, endangered animals, and more, I decided to brainstorm some ideas of what I should do. I also created a lotus bloom mind map in the beginning of my process to figure out what I would do.  I can across the idea of endangered animals and expiration dates, and #Save the ____(Blank). However, I wasn’t really too fond of either of these ideas so I decided to go a different route and think about Bees. Here are some images of my brainstorming.

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Find the Facts!

The first thing I had to do was to do research. I did a lot of research including writing a 1200 word essay on why we should save the bees. If you would like to read my research, here it is below!


One of the facts that I found that basically started my research was this,

“Since the late 1990s, beekeepers around the world have observed the mysterious and sudden disappearance of bees, and report unusually high rates of decline in honeybee colonies.”

and I thought it was so interesting because I’d never heard that the Bees have been endangered for all of my life. I also found that there are several causes to the bees dying; cell phone radiation, pesticides, climate change, and diseases. All of those causes affects the lives of pollinators and OUR lives.

Sketching and Brainstorming

After finally figuring out What Shapes Us, I decided to start sketching ideas to include in my infographic. I thought of imagery I could create such as hexagons, honeycombs, bees, honey jars, and much more. I also have an image of my brainstorming and sketches below. Creating these sketches and writing down ideas is how I got started on my infographic.

My first idea for the bee project was to make a children’s book to inform children at a young age. However, I decided to start with an infographic so that older children and adults would see the infographic on social media to bring about change.


I started out by re-creating some of the sketches that I had in mind such as the hexagons, the honey label, the bee and some of the icons I had in mind. While I was creating some of the designs for my infographic, I also decided on a color palette which included yellows, browns, and reds.

I also started to find the typography I would use for my design. I wanted to create fun and exciting stacked type throughout the piece. That’s why I chose a script and a bold slab typeface. I choose to use Bukhari Script and Mutiara Vintage-02.

save the bees designs.jpg

The Final Piece!

After doing several hours of researching and designing, I finally came up with the final piece. The size of the image is based off how the viewer would view the image on social media. Just like the same idea with how I choose to make different sections within the infographic so that the reader could actually focus on the facts.

I explored create typography layouts, creative image use, and much more throughout this infographic. Throughout creating this infographic, I learned so much about layouts, grids, readability and much more. The most important part of the infographic is the message it conveys – Save the Bees.

Check out the infographic on how you can help!

kcarpintieri_save_the_bees (PDF version)

save the bees2.jpg


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