Interactive Design

Social Media Design Trends

Some trends in the design of social media include; bold & clean typography, hand-drawn graphics and icons and the use of mobile apps such as Canva and Adobe Spark.Capture

  1. Bold & Clean Typography:  Aaron Draplin uses a lot of bold typography in his social media posts. The bold typography helps gain our attention. View more of these types of posts on his Instagram account. Another example is a wedding planner. Her social media posts use the same typefaces to make a clean and beautiful social media site. You can view more of these type of posts here.Capture
  2. Hand-Drawn Graphics & Icons 8 New Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2017
    Another people social media design is using hand-drawn graphics and icons. Using the hand-drawn icons create a friendly and happy atmosphere. One example is dropbox. They use bright and fun colors with the icons and graphics to create a happy environment. Many of their twitter posts include images of hand-drawn graphics and icons as well. View an example here.

3. Using mobile phone apps such as Canva and Adobe Spark to create well designed social media posts. Many people are starting to use these apps to create good designs without the huge price tag of a designer.

zappos emoticon post
Strategies to engage fans/customers on social media include expressing with emoticons and asking fans questions. The Zappos page sometimes uses emojis to engage with their customers. Pages like the Social Media Examiner and Squishable often ask questions to their customers and fans. For example, Squishable is a company that makes stuffed animals of all kind and they ask questions of what they want to see next.
social media examiner community question

Strategies to acquire new followers on social media include, mentioning your location and using the right hashtags. Mentioning your location can help bring other local people to your account. For example, I tagged Stevenson University in a photo I posted on Instagram and my picture was re-posted. Another way to acquire new followers on social media is following hashtag trends and using the right hashtags. Here is an image below from this Instagram Marketing page showing the current top 20 hashtags on Instagram.

twitter followers napervilleCapture.JPG

Two well designed and successful Facebook pages are L.L Bean and Adobe. L.L. Bean has a well designed and successful page because of the beautiful imagery paired with each of the posts. The beautiful images help to engage the fans and customers. The Adobe page is very well designed because of the imagery of artists work, photography and more to show the creative field. Most creatives come to Adobe for their inspiration. And going to their facebook page would be helpful for designers to be influenced by inspiration.


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