Motion Graphics

Design Process on Stop-Motion Project

For my stop-motion project, my partner and I were working on developing our ideas and creating possible style frames in order to present our project. We decided to explore the cultural myth of vaccinations and the effects of not getting important vaccinations. After deciding upon our topic, we created a storyboard as well as style frames to present our topic for the stop-motion project.

A summary of the animation to be

A couple people will be digging up an old grave with a headstone that reads 2018 or some recent year to show that we are digging up old graves when we are not bothering to vaccinate our children from deadly viruses that can come back. While they are digging up the graves, nasty and dirty germs start to pour out if the graves, knocking people down. The animation will then go into some statistics showing diseases such as measles that are making a come back. The whole concept of the animation is to show the dark and serious subject while it is accompanied by the silly and cute illustrations. We were inspired to create the stop-motion using a whiteboard, markers, and paper because of the Youtuber, asapSCIENCE. The entire goal of the stop-motion project is to convey the underlining importance of vaccinating not just yourself – but your children as well to prevent the deadly diseases from coming back. We do not need smallpox to come back!


photo_2018-02-04_23-25-28 (2)

The storyboard that we created (illustrated by Sammy Smith) represents the outline of our stop-motion animation.

  1. The title page starts out as white and will see the title, “SHOTS!” appear over and over again and pieces of dirt will fly up from the people digging graves.
  2. The shot will pan down and will show more pieces of dirt flying from the graves.
  3. The shot continues to the people digging up and old grave that reads a recent year such as 2017 or 2014.
  4. Germs will fly out of the graves and fills the screen with dozens of germs.
  5. The germs reveal a graphic of the US map and we outline the number of measles cases before the vaccine was invented in the US in 1963.
  6. The map will fade away and a couple syringes appear to represent the number of measles cases in recent years; 2010 & 2014.
  7. More information is shown about measles as a syringe drips into a vile.
  8. Information will then appear about the top old diseases that could possibly be making their way back into an active form.
  9. The final message shows a cute little child wrapped up in a band-aid to symbolize the protection provided by vaccinations.
  10. The child then waddles off the screen conveying the importance of protecting ourselves and our children by getting vaccinated.

Style Frames



As apart of the animation process, we created our individual style frames to show how we represented the images in our storyboard. Through this process, we realized the variety of ways to represent the different elements of dry erase markers and pieces of paper. Sammy was more creative with the hand lettering whereas, I focused more on the different colors of the germs and different elements.

Coming Up…

The next piece of our process will be getting feedback from our classmates and then create the stop-motion animation from illustrating the animation and taking photos to create the stop-motion.


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