Motion Graphics

Logo Animation

For my next animation project, I am creating a logo animation for a company. The animation could be used on a website, before a video, or on social media. As far as the logo, I decided to create a logo for a small sound company called Pasadena Sound.

Logo Animation Research

Before jumping into sketches and designs of the logo, I decided to do some research on different logo animations. I found that many of the animations included colors and graphics to enhance the logo animation. For the TBS animation, the animation did the opposite of morphing and basically unmorphed the logo.

Logo Inspiration 

Below are some of the logos (from that I was inspired by when brainstorming possible logos. One thing I noticed was that many of these logos included darker colors and it was unlikely to see bright colors like yellow, lime-green, or orange. I enjoy the logos that the icon fits into the typography. I like that the icons do not feel forced within the logo typography and match the design. That is what I am aiming for in the Pasadena Sound logo design.


The Process of Logo Creation

While learning about the company, I brainstormed some ideas of what the logo could include. Those ideas included an auxiliary cord, sound mixer board, sound waves, sound bars, and parts of the sound mixer board itself.

After brainstorming possible parts of the logo, I created several sketches for the logo. I sketched the logo in circular and rectangular forms. I sketched a variety of logos that included elements such as the auxiliary cord, sound mixer board, sound waves, sound bars, and parts of the sound mixer board itself.


After sketching some possible logos, I decided to pick a few of the sketches and design three to four logo options. For each logo, I tried to chose different typefaces for each as well to get an idea of what typeface the logo should have. After showing my client each of the four options, we have narrowed it down to option 1 and 3. The client really showed interest in option 3 as it represents an op-amp.



After designing the logo options, I started to create a storyboard for the animation. The idea was to use the auxiliary elements from the option 1 and then lead into the logo of option 3.



Logo Draft Edits

The client really liked option three but the proportions in my thoughts were way off. I also wanted a way to incorporate the elements from the first option into the final logo as well. I began to explore and experiment with the proportions and the different elements in the logo. In the latest draft, I used the typeface choice from option 3 and added the auxiliary plug element from the option 1 logo. The logo feels more balanced and more readable when viewed small. I then began to experiment with some colors within the teal and dark blue color palette.


Logo Draft Edits 2

I decided to make one more edit to the Pasadena Sound logo – I wanted to add more spacing before and after the words.

ps-profileArtboard 2

Storyboard Edits

I started to rethink my idea of the animation of the cord in the logo as it was more meant for a character type of animation. I began to explore some ideas such an outline glow effect since the company does lighting, sound, and IT services. I was also exploring the idea of adding their slogan as well.


First Draft of the Animation 

Before drafting the first animation, I watched several different youtube videos to experiment with different effects for the logo animation. Some of those videos were a lighting effect and a flash effect.

For the first draft, I experimented with the flash effect for the logo animation. I used an outline and glow effect which then revealed the full logo. I enjoyed the outline effect going around the logo since it somewhat represents the ideas of a cord plugging in and turning sound and lights on. The outline colors were the teal and white colors in the color palette for the brand.

One of the difficulties I am currently having is to make the logo stay still after the effect of the logo. Currently, it is rotating and scaling in size slightly but I can seem to find the area that is causing to rotate and scale.

Here is the first draft!

Feedback on the Animation

During class, my peers and I individually reviewed each animation project. Here is some of the useful feedback that I received.

  • “I don’t think you need to have it exit at the end. But, if you do, the movement is choppy and awkward.”
  • “Try to do a frame hold with keyframe assistants to stop it from rotating/zooming extra.”
  • “I think your work is solid. You just need a different way for your logo to exit the screen.”

Overall, the feedback was helpful in solving the problem with the logo scaling and rotating in after the effects were applied. I solved the issue by clicking on a keyframe, right click and clicking on toggle hold keyframe. The next step will be to add sound and possibly experiment with 3D effects.

Animation with 3D Effects

I decided to experiment with some 3D effects for the logo. I added a camera and experimented with zooming, the position, orientation, X rotation, Y rotation and the Z rotation. The 3D camera effects make the logo feel less flat when coming on to the screen of the animation. The end of the video (the exit) was just merely some experimentation with the orientation, X rotation, and the Y rotation.

Edits to the Animation 

I also decided to add sound to the animation. I used the song, Skyline from the YouTube audio library. From creating the 3D version of the animation, I decided to keep the introduction part of the animation and experiment with the ending for the animation. For the ending, I used an opacity and blur effect for the logo to exit the screen of the animation.

Final Animation

For the final animation, I combined the beginning of my 3D draft with the effects of my other draft with the blurring and opacity changes!


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