Hi, I’m Krystal Carpintieri and I’m a graphic designer! I specialize in the organization of information through typography, images, and icons. I have created WordPress sites, infographics, guidebooks, brochures and more to show my skills.


IMG_8014-webI can say that not only are my clients happy with the work I present to them but some of my designs have won advertising awards!




In 2013, I had the experience of the Center of the Applied Technology-North in the printing and graphic design programs. I also competed in SkillsUSA, a national competition, I became the Silver Medalist for Graphic Communications at both regional and state levels.


I am very advanced with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. I can work with both Mac and PC computer systems. I am also dependable and very excellent with customer service. I am always eager to take on a new design challenge, and my ultimate goal is to inspire people about design. With design and print by my side, I am unstoppable!

Top 3 Fun Facts about Me!

» I’m obsessed with mini collecting Volkswagen Beetle cars
» I love to explore nature
» I create hand-made greeting cards in my spare time!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it!



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