Design Communication

Project 2 – Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation

I recently had a client, Kristen Smedley, who needed a re-branding design and a package design for her company. She is the founder of the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation. The project was to create a re-brand design for Kristin Smedley’s foundation; Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation. The project also includes a ‘toolkit’ design that would show… Continue reading Project 2 – Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation

Web Design II

Responsive & Mobile Design

Have you ever wondered about the principles and differences between mobile website design and responsive website design? Mobile design and responsive website design has become the present of surfing the web. Most people now surf the web on their smartphones instead of desktop computers. Rendering For mobile sites, rendering becomes essentially a copy of your… Continue reading Responsive & Mobile Design

Dionisa's Design's

Informational Meeting with Dionisa

I decided to sit down with my boss, Dionisa and ask her a few questions getting to know how she started her stationery business. I was interested in asking her questions about how she got started because I have always thought about owning my own design business. How did you get started  in your business?… Continue reading Informational Meeting with Dionisa

Dionisa's Design's

Marketing Materials & Branding

For one of my internship projects with Dionisa’s Design’s, I was given the task to create several branding materials for the company. I created designs for thank you cards, circle package stickers, postcard for a stationery timeline, stationery list, post office label and finally social media posts. I have learned so much through creating these… Continue reading Marketing Materials & Branding